WebVR Match 3 Protoype

Mostly a test of Unity -> WebVR pipeline


YOU MUST HAVE TWO CONTROLLERS TO PLAY because the scale is set super huge to start and you need to use the left controller to position and scale to your preference. I recommend the Vive (because it's what I have developed it on) but Oculus stuff *should* work

MATCH 3 OF THE SAME COLOR on any orthogonal axis to clear - that is to say, no diagonals or triagonals.

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The basic idea is that it's a match 3 game in 3d - hence "cube". Right now I don't have the chaining of matches happening, so when new shapes pop up, they may create a match, these will be registered the next time you move any pair of shapes. It takes a little bit to get used to the spatial aspect of the game, so I didn't want to overwhelm with a bunch of interesting/fun commotion.

It seems to me that everyone has a different preference for positioning and scale, so this is left up to the player

If I've done my maths correctly, and have recalled my statistics correctly, then it should be impossible to get into a state where there are no possible moves. If you find that you are in this state, I would really appreciate your contacting me :)

Also in order to keep these maths true, the game is limited to 3x3x3. I will add more levels later if there is interest in the game and I figure out an efficient way to compare possible moves. (If anyone has any useful insights, I'd like to hear them)

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I made some changes to the Mozilla WebVR/Unity project to use UnityEngine.XR rather than the other tracked input option they had.

I'm pretty sure the checking of XR.IsPresent 10+ times per frame is probably hurting performance, but the game is so simple right now that it barely matters. I think I could improve this with platform dependent compilation stuff, but that sounds a little scary. 

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I obviously don't own the background image (windows XP desktop background) and it's just a placeholder.


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Sep 13, 2019

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